Take it from the Ironwoman

Vanessa Bogenholm - It's Your Body - Move it, Love it, Live

Episode Summary

Vanessa Bogenholm lives and works her truth every day, both in her own life and with each and every client. Some days she would still rather be the unmotivated, overweight ten-year-old sitting on the couch eating candy, but she can’t be. She can’t because she wants better for herself and because she wants to show her clients—and you—that with a little belief and a shift in attitude, you don’t have to be stuck in a body that makes you uncomfortable.

Episode Notes

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Train with V — private fitness studio in San Jose CA

Fitness 23 Las Vegas — Boxing/Kickboxing and Group Workout Gym

Exercise in the Streets— Non-profit giving running shoes, sweatshirts and athletic gear to Foster Kids in Santa Clara and Clark Co. Run clinics for incarcerated youth.



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