Take it from the Ironwoman

Ep. 317 - Julia Rubin - Collages to tell a Story

Episode Summary

Having given up my plan to become a travelling storyteller, I came to NYC as a theatrical lighting designer, so light and shadow are vital to my collages. When consistent, they allow one’s mind to accept a scene as real, so the viewer doesn’t wonder if everyone and everything are there, but why. The answer becomes a story. The lighting sets the mood, but it is the relationship between the images, whether real or abstract, that enables viewers to connect to the art, and so to the artist, and to themselves.

Episode Notes

Visit her exhibits:

Beans and Vines, 2022 Uptown Art Stroll, 4799 Broadway 

Follow Julia's art: Instagram: @jbrstories



For further information: 

TEDx Talk, May 12, 2022:Running and Life: 5K Formula for your Success | Susanne Mueller 


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