Take it from the Ironwoman

Dr. Susanne Cappendijk, aka Dr. C. - STEM with young leaders

Episode Summary

Dr. Susanne Cappendijk is a broad, strategic, creative, visionary thinker and leader. As a social entrepreneur and neuroscientist Susanne helps start-up companies to develop innovative life sciences commercialization projects. Susanne’s unique and diverse skillset are exemplified by her community leadership with various business incubators and NPOs. In April 2017, Susanne founded EDsnaps, a NPO that empowers under-served female-identifying students to become glocal STEM-leaders. Susanne creates STEM curricula that combine science, business, leadership, and economic community development with real-world career opportunities. Susanne holds a BS in Biology, Utrecht University, a PhD in Pharmacology, Erasmus Medical University, Rotterdam and an MBA from Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida.

Episode Notes

Website: www.edsnaps.org 
Instagram: @edsnapsstem 
LinkedIn: @edsnaps 
Facebook: edsnapsnyc 



Check out Susanne Mueller for more information: www.susannemueller.biz